Remote Brite Light Wardrobe Corridor Bedside Lamp

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Always right at your fingertips... Instant light, wherever you need it, whenever you want it with
Remote Brite Light. Safer than candles, easier to find than a flashlight. Simply tap on the dome
to illuminate, and again to turn it off or use powerful remote. With a life span of up to 100,000
hours, the Remote Brite Tap Light provides reliable lighting for any dark space and is also handy
for emergencies and power outages.
Perfect for:
Closet, Pantry, Cabinets, Bookcase, Hallway, Foyer, Staircase, Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen,
Nursery, Laundry room, Attic, Basement, Garage, Shed, Office, Car, Truck, RV'S, Boat, School,
Dorm and much more!

1. Powerful key chain remote control
2. Built-in 5pcs high brightness LED bulbs
3. Instantly sticks up anywhere you need light
4. Remote control distance: about 8m
5. Power supply: 6V, 4pcs AA battery (not included in the package)
6. LED light color: white
7. Current: 3W
8. Size: 22*29cm
9. Weight: 243g

Package Contents  
1 x Remote bright lights
1 x Remote controls

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