Reolink WiFi Battery Rechargeable/Solar Powered Smart Detection Outdoor Security Camera

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Sensor Size: Cam x solar (4mm focus)
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Now our Argus PT 4MP has been upgraded to support 2.4G & 5G Dual WiFi, and other functions & appearance haven't changed, please be informed!

Reolink Argus PT 4MP with solar panel


Applied to Multiple Occasions,

Cut the Cord. Go Wire-Free


Reolink Argus PT 4MP can work without any cables thanks to the rechargeable batteries and WIFI connection. Mount it anywhere to have an ultra wide viewing angle with its 355° pan and 140° tilt. Set it up in seconds and enjoys peace of mind.

Smart Person/Vehicle Detection

By analyzing person and vehicle shapes on board, Argus PT 4MP IP surveillance camera can accurately detect humans and vehicles before sending real-time alerts. It greatly reduces false alarms since less important objects are ignored.


Don't miss any important notification

This 4MP IP camera featuring 122 degrees wide viewing angle and a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor, can capture all human movements with almost no false alarms.

And you can set up push notifications and email alerts setting via Reolink App or Client, then you can receive push notifications and emails when the IP camera detects motions.

Also, the IP camera has a siren built inside, you can set up a siren so that the video surveillance camera will give out an alarm sound when it detects motions. And it supports custom alarm sound as you like via Reolink App/client.


True 4MP Super HD, Better Visual Experience

Argus PT 4MP video surveillance camera, with a resolution of 2560 x 1440, captures nearly 2X clearer and sharper video than 1080p IP cameras. Enjoy better picture quality, let your world be crystal clear!


Pan & Tilt – Get More Areas Covered

Argus PT 4MP outdoor security camera can turn its head 355° horizontally and 140° vertically, which offers an enormous viewing angle. Your wide front porch or store can be covered with only one wireless PT battery-powered IP camera. With easy directional control on Reolink App, you can get an overview of your whole world instantly just by taking a glance at your mobile phone.


Flexible Powering Options: Rechargeable Battery, or Solar Powered

The Argus PT 4MP CCTV camera with a high-capacity 6000mAh rechargeable battery, Argus PT 4MP IP surveillance camera could work independently without being plugged in. Plus, you could connect this IP camera Outdoor to Reolink Solar Panel and it will get non-stop power all day and all night.


1. If you need a solar panel, please choose the option of camera and solar. If you choose the option of camera, there is only camera. 

2. There is no 5V2A power adapter included in the camera package.


Time Lapse, See the Day in a Minute

Use Argus PT 4MP IP camera to shoot time-lapse videos. Keep track of your 3D printing, see the whole construction process in a few minutes, or capture beautiful views from sunrise to sundown. Easy to use and fun to share with others.



Save all motions in SD card or Cloud

1. The SD card will record when motion detection is triggered. The 4MP IP camera will wake up within 0.8s after motion detection is triggered. When the SD card is full, it will automatically cover the old video.

2. Reolink Cloud only works with Reolink Go, Argus 2, Argus 3, Argus Pro, Argus Eco, Argus PT, E1, E1 Pro and E1 zoom in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Qatar, UAE, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Israel, South Korea, Indonesia. More places and products will be supported in the near future.



Two-Way Audio, Hear &Talk Back via Your Smartphones

Hear what’s going on inside/outside your home and talk back just with a touch! With the built-in microphone and speaker, you can communicate with your elders, kids, babysitters, pets, etc., and warn verbally any uninvited, even when you're thousands of miles away.


2.4G/5G Dual WiFi for Stronger Network Signals

The video surveillance camera can work 100% wireless over 2.4G/5G Dual WiFi, no cables or wiring hassles. 


Remote Viewing, Anytime, from Anywhere

No matter where you are, you can remotely access this IP camera to see live streaming and stay connected.
Remotely view the outdoor surveillance camera via Reolink App on your mobile device or Reolink Client on your computer, and Reolink App/client are free to download and update.


Work with Google Assistant

It can’t be easier to control this video surveillance camera that works with Google Assistant. Just say “Hey Google, show me the backyard” and you will see the live feed from the camera on your Google Nest Hub or Chromecast-enabled TVs.


Works well outdoor

One of the best outdoor security cameras ever with IPP64 weatherproof IP rating! The weather-resistant body and housing enable it to work perfectly even in bad weather, like in heavy rains.

Camera Details


Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Hello,This camera comes with the 6000mAh rechargeable lithium battery. Normally, the battery lasts for about 1 - 4 weeks, based on your settings, usage or temperature.


Q: Can the Battery-Powered Camera Record Continuously?

A: Hello,Sorry to tell you that the battery-power camera cannot support continuous recording,
because that will drain the battery quickly. The battery-powered camera is a kind of motion detected camera,
which means it will only record when there is a motion detected.


Q: Does Battery-Powered Cameras Support Adding User Accounts?

A: Hello,Reolink battery-powered cameras only has the default user account "admin". Users cannot add other user accounts on the battery-powered cameras.

Other Reolink cameras(POE/WIFI) could add 19 user accounts. With the default admin account, there are 20 accounts in total.


Q: How big in feet is the View Area (without moving) ?

A: Hello, This 4MP IP camera featuring 122 degrees wide viewing angle.
Moreover, Argus pt can turn its head 355° horizontally and 140° vertically, which offers an enormous viewing angle.


Q: What is the length of the wire to the solar panel ?

A: Hello,The length of the wire is 4 meters, equal to 12 feet


Q: Can you restrict video saving to sd card only (no cloud recording) while still connecting to internet for push alerts?

A: Hello, yes, you can unbind the camera from the cloud server on Reolink app and after that, the camera can still record to SD card and send push notifications.


Q: How sensitive it is with wild life?

A: Hello, the detecting distance of the camera depends on the sensitivity of the PIR motion sensor. Under high sensitivity, the camera could detect 10 meters(33 ft) for living things and 15 meters(50 ft) for moving vehicles.


Q: can you set sensitivity for motion sensor distance? Least and most.

A: Hello, yes, you could set the sensitivity value from 1~100.


Q: Will it record as long as there is movement?

A: Hello, yes, it will record until the movement ends.


Q: I’m hoping to use to monitor a floating dock area. Will I be able to set the sensitivity to detect people versus motion caused by a wave action?

A: Hello, Argus PT adopts PIR sensors to detect the motions which is different from general motion detection. It only records videos when it's PIR sensor detects changes in the amount of infrared radiation impinging upon it. Thus, it doesn't detect the motion caused by a wave action.




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